Roofing Maintenance


Preventative roofing maintenance is essential to maximizing the life of your roofing system. That’s why Chapman Neil offers free annual inspections for all our customers. Not everyone has the time to inspect their own roof for maintenance issues, and not everyone is comfortable getting onto their own roof. Chapman Neil will inspect your roof and inform you of any issues you may have, as well as a reasonable expectation about the longevity of your roof in its current condition.

Our perspective is that we want to build a relationship with our customers long before they need a full replacement. The more we get to know you and your home, the better informed we can be when the time comes for larger repairs.

After an inspection we may recommend a light cleansing rinse to clean off buildup and improve the look of your roof, or we may notice a few repairs that you might need to make. If your roof has gone several years without any maintenance checks, or if it’s nearing the end of its life, we may recommend larger repairs or a full replacement.

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Don’t forget to check our blog for resources on things like roof replacements, as well as siding, and other construction projects. At Chapman Neil, we believe knowledge is power, and we want our customers to be well-educated on such a crucial investment in the future of their home.

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