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Why Choose Insulated Siding

Why Choose Insulated Siding

Are you considering insulated siding for your remodel? It’s no wonder with its numerous advantages!  Insulated vinyl siding has been a hit since its introduction to the market. It is basically vinyl siding that’s laminated with foam-core backing.

What are its benefits?

You get an air and moisture infiltration barrier plus a thermal break that stops heat transmission — an excellent choice to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Insulated siding also reduces noise pollution and provides a cleaner and more attractive look, given the fact that it is easier to install.

Make a big statement without being bold

KP’s Ashbury I/S combines innovation and style. Our foam backed profile not only improves the comfort of your home but will bring forth its traditional charm. With the widest profile of any of our products, Ashbury’s coverage is best for your large, stately home.

The Ashbury Advantage

  • Ashbury I/S Chromalock Vinyl Technology Locks in color so the color you choose today will look great for the years to come.
  • Full 3/4” Profile with Classic Craftsmanship Full 3/4” profile with deep wood grain texture that captures the essence of classic craftsmanship with dramatic shadow lines.
  • A Quieter, More comfortable Home Premium 0.050” thickness and double sized foam backed panels offers up to 30% less noise and significantly reduces air infiltration for a quieter home. Ashbury I/S will keep your home warm in the winters and cooler in the summer.
  • Designed for Structural Integrity Offers exceptional impact resistance, shielding against impacts up to 300% more than other sidings
  • Double- Thick Cyclone System Nail Hem Ashbury I/S siding can withstand winds.

Learn more here Surprising Benefits of Insulated Siding.

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